Panaya Unveils “Change Watch” to Keep Track of Salesforce Metadata Changes – within and across the Salesforce orgs

Panaya’s Change Watch allows Salesforce managers to gain visibility and control of their Salesforce org to align actions, make data-driven decisions and support audits.

Hackensack, New Jersey – March 28, 2023: Panaya, SaaS-based Change Intelligence and Testing for ERP & Enterprise Cloud Applications, announced today the launch of “Change Watch” — a new approach to monitoring and managing Salesforce metadata changes even in the most complex orgs. Using Panaya’s Change Watch, Salesforce managers and teams can easily monitor periodic changes in one or more Salesforce orgs and compare the changes between two orgs. Panaya’s Change Watch enables enhanced control of the Salesforce org which is crucial as the org and the Salesforce team are growing.

The insights delivered by Change Watch are based on Panaya ForeSight’s world-class Impact Analysis solution, which helps Salesforce teams around the world make informed decisions as they manage, maintain and optimize their Salesforce orgs. Panaya ForeSight is trusted by some of the leading Fortune 500 companies.

Change Watch provides managers with confidence and peace of mind knowing they are up to date on every change in the org, by delivering periodic summary via push notifications to their e-mail or slack channel. The summary contains accurate details about changes and customizations to metadata and CPQ configuration data (e.g., additions, modifications, or deletions) done by their team or external vendors. At any time, Change Watch users can investigate the change and get more insights about the impact of the change down to the code level.

In addition to a summary of metadata changes, Panaya’s Change Watch provides a snapshot of the differences between the Sandbox and Production orgs. This information helps managers easily monitor deployment of new features, by comparing the two orgs during the release cycle.

Panaya’s Change Watch is also imperative for audit and compliance teams. It helps organizations manage approvals and reviews as part of the development processes and to provide the evidence necessary to ensure auditors know exactly what was changed as a result of which requirement.

 “We are always excited to provide our customers with new features and capabilities to help them manage their Salesforce org and bring additional confidence to Salesforce teams”, says Oz Lavee, Panaya ForeSight’s CTO. “By enabling our customers to always stay on top of changes in their org, Panaya ForeSight remains committed to our mission to provide 360° control of the Salesforce org. As more organizations allow teams to work remotely or choose to outsource their Salesforce development, it becomes even more crucial for managers to have a quick and easy way to monitor changes on a daily basis”.

About Panaya

Panaya enables organizations to accelerate application change and continuously deliver innovation with its Change Intelligence Platform. Panaya provides cloud-based application delivery and testing solutions that ensure collaboration between Business and IT. Enabling enterprise agility with faster release velocity and uncompromising quality, Panaya delivers an optimized user experience with end-to-end visibility of the application lifecycle. Since 2006, 3,000 companies in 62 countries, including a third of the Fortune 500, have been using Panaya to deliver quick quality change to enterprise ERP & CRM applications.

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