Panaya transforms ERP & packaged app testing with codeless test automation & AI-based change impact analysis

Panaya Enables Enterprises to Optimize Their Testing Processes and Adoption of Agile & DevOps Methodologies Through its Unique Domain Expertise and AI-Powered Innovation

Hackensack, New Jersey – October 17th, 2023: Panaya, the global leader in SaaS-based Change Intelligence and Testing, introduces its groundbreaking Codeless Test Automation Solution tailored for ERP & Cloud packaged applications. This revolutionary solution not only offers a simplified codeless approach, but also combines Change Impact Analysis, Test Management, and Test Automation in one native solution. This makes it the only full native end-to-end testing platform delivering a unified user experience and ensuring every aspect of testing is addressed comprehensively.

Panaya’s all-in-one approach empowers organizations to optimize business-IT collaboration, and embrace cloud technologies seamlessly and with maximum synergy. It also offers an array of key differentiators that set it apart as the ultimate choice for companies seeking to supercharge their testing processes:

Codeless Convenience: Gone are the days of complexity and coding challenges. Panaya’s platform is designed to break down barriers, making it effortless for even non-coders to create robust automated scripts, and contribute to the testing process.

AI-Core Power: Panaya harnesses the power of AI Change Analysis to help identify the optimal candidates for automation, accelerating regression testing cycles and eliminating UAT bottlenecks by optimizing test scope.

Unrivaled Self-Healing: Panaya’s smart technology and deep business applications expertise come together to create unrivaled self-healing algorithms. These algorithms not only optimize testing maintenance but also increase testing resiliency, ensuring your testing processes remain robust and dependable.

One-Click to Automation: No need to let go of the existing test repositories, Panaya allows for easy transit from manual tests to automated tests with just one click, enabling customers to embark on their automation journey swiftly, enriching their existing test repository, and boosting efficiency.

By seamlessly integrating Codeless Test Automation with the already superior – G2 leading – Test Management platform, Panaya offers customers an unparalleled experience. The platform boasts smart and highly efficient defect management capabilities, empowering teams to identify and resolve issues swiftly. Actionable insights and real-time dashboards enhance visibility and decision-making while fostering IT/Business collaboration like never before. Panaya offers full traceability from Requirement to Test to Defect ensuring comprehensive and reliable testing processes that align with our customers’ needs with best-in-class test evidence for compliance and documentation.

“Panaya’s Codeless Test Automation Solution and approach is based on over a decade of experience and driven by our unwavering commitment to being a customer-facing company,” says David Binny, Panaya CEO. “We relentlessly worked to understand our customers’ challenges, tapping into our deep domain expertise and intimate understanding of ERP landscape complexity and dependencies. This allowed us to craft an automation solution that isn’t generic but instead provides genuine value in every meticulously explored application. We are determined to be at the forefront of enterprise change intelligence & testing, combining our years of expertise in ERP & cloud-packaged applications, with our unique AI-powered technology and change impact analysis. Our ultimate goal is to empower enterprises, making them truly great by de-risking and accelerating their digital landscapes.”

About Panaya

Panaya, a certified SAP partner, provides cloud-based application delivery and testing solutions that ensure collaboration between Business and IT. Enabling enterprise agility with faster release velocity and uncompromising quality, Panaya delivers an optimized user experience with end-to-end visibility of the application lifecycle. Since 2006, 3,000 companies in 62 countries, including a third of the Fortune 500, have been using Panaya to deliver quick quality change to enterprise ERP and CRM applications.

For more information, contact Panaya at [email protected] or visit For media inquiries, contact Dana Averbouch, [email protected].

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