Panaya Revolutionizes Salesforce Org Management with ForeSight ExplAIn’s AI-Powered Clarity

ForeSight ExplAIn Delivers Human-Friendly Explanations for codeless and Code-Based Automations & Components, Effortless Documentation and Swift Error Resolution

Hackensack, New Jersey – September 5th, 2023: Panaya, the leader in SaaS-based Change Intelligence and Smart Testing for CRM, ERP & Enterprise Cloud Applications, unveils its latest innovation, ForeSight ExplAIn. In response to the increasing complexity of Salesforce customizations and the need for efficient error resolution, ForeSight ExplAIn harnesses the power of AI to provide clear, human-readable explanations for day-to-day customizations and error messages, revolutionizing the way organizations manage their Salesforce environments.

Complex Salesforce configurations can lead to inefficiencies in troubleshooting and delayed issue resolution, affecting operational efficiency. Hence the demand for an intelligent and user-friendly solution that seamlessly connects intricate technical details, accessible documentation, and self-reliant problem-solving has grown significantly.

ForeSight ExplAIn leverages the power of AI to meet these challenges head-on, empowering users to effortlessly generate accurate explanations for their customizations, automations, and code components, as well as decode error messages with ease. Panaya has optimized the AI parameters and prompts to ensure precise explanations of Salesforce declarative and code-based automations, while minimizing instances of inaccurate responses that are not supported by its underlying data. These refinements ensure a better fit within the Salesforce context and enhance the reliability of the generated explanations.

By harnessing AI-driven insights, ForeSight ExplAIn provides instant documentation and simplifies the understanding of complex system logic, thereby accelerating the documentation of Salesforce processes. Furthermore, this AI-powered tool significantly expedites issue resolution and enables data-driven decision-making. With ForeSight ExplAIn, organizations can reduce dependency on developers and foster an agile problem-solving approach, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

Panaya’s well-established reputation for delivering Change Intelligence solutions that reduce time, cost, and risk in business application changes is evident in its services, utilized by over 3,000 global enterprise customers. The addition of ForeSight ExplAIn to Panaya’s portfolio further solidifies its commitment to simplifying and optimizing the management of Salesforce environments.

ForeSight ExplAIn marks a significant leap forward in Salesforce Org management,” says Avi Rosenfeld, General Manager, Panaya ForeSight Line of Business. “This groundbreaking solution reflects Panaya’s dedication to empowering businesses with AI-driven tools that simplify complex processes and enhance operational efficiency. ForeSight ExplAIn provides our customers with the means to easily navigate the landscape of Salesforce customizations and error resolution, ensuring optimal performance and success. Panaya is committed to utilizing the latest technologies, including AI and Automation, to provide our customers with the best solutions for their needs. ForeSight ExplAIn is built with security, compliance, and privacy in mind: The code used will not contribute to training Language Models (LLMs) by Panaya or other companies, ensuring the safeguarding of your proprietary information.”

About Panaya

Panaya enables organizations to accelerate application changes and continuously deliver innovation with its Change Intelligence Platform. Panaya provides cloud-based application delivery and testing solutions that ensure collaboration between Business and IT. Enabling enterprise agility with faster release velocity and uncompromising quality, Panaya delivers an optimized user experience with end-to-end visibility of the application lifecycle. Since 2006, 3,000 companies in 62 countries, including a third of the Fortune 500, have been using Panaya to deliver quick quality change to enterprise ERP & CRM applications.

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