Panaya ForeSight Introduces a Holistic Approach for Converting Old Salesforce Automations to Flow

Panaya ForeSight enables Salesforce professionals to manage the transformation of existing automation to Flows from start to finish effectively and reliably.

Hackensack, New Jersey – April 26, 2022: Panaya, the leader in SaaS-based Change Intelligence and Smart Testing for CRM, ERP & Enterprise Cloud Applications, is pleased to announce the release of a dedicated and comprehensive solution for Salesforce Flow migration. The solution enables organizations to leverage the Flow migration process and create an opportunity to optimize performance, renew processes, and reduce substantial development and planning costs.

Salesforce recently announced that they plan to retire its existing declarative automation tools, Workflow Rules, and Process Builder. As a result, Salesforce professionals must build a strategy for transforming previous declarative automation over to Salesforce Flows without risking critical business processes or creating extensive technical debt. Organizations with numerous automation are leveraging this opportunity to optimize their org’s health and rebuild their automation in a robust architecture while removing automation that is no longer in use.

With Panaya ForeSight, organizations can streamline their migration to the new Salesforce technology. The goal is to take the complexity out of an intricate migration and map the entire org’s automation, side effects, and dependencies. Then we can create an optimized version that is time-saving, clear, and built for the future of the business. The solution is part of ForeSight, Panaya’s Change Intelligence platform for Salesforce, already used by over 150 customers worldwide.

Panaya ForeSight has developed a holistic approach for managing and optimizing the migration of the entire org’s automation to Flows while minimizing the risks involved. The Flow Migration solution enables Salesforce professionals to map, plan, manage, document, and test their existing and new Salesforce automation.

The solution ensures a successful and effective migration process that meets the business objectives and leads to a productive and risk-free process. It provides a comprehensive view of the behavior of existing automation while mapping their dependencies. In addition, it enables organizations to clean up redundant automation and build a robust base architecture for future requirements.

Moving existing declarative automation over to Salesforce Flows is an exciting opportunity to implement an effective process that optimizes performance and reduces substantial costs to the organization. said Avi Rosenfeld, General Manager, Panaya Foresight Line of Business. “By mapping all the automation related to each specific component within the Salesforce org, Panaya Foresight can produce a complete list of the org’s automation, alongside their dependencies and behaviors, in a single click. Mapping all the automation allows owners to manage their Flow migration from start to finish in one place. Users can define requirements, map and analyze migrations, and create test plans and documentation while cleaning up redundancies and reducing technical debt.”

Join us at TrailblazerDX where we will demonstrate the optimized user experience with ForeSight solutions for Salesforce including impact analysis, test management, technical debt reduction, and Flow migration. We will exhibit how you can easily identify the exact areas of impact, instantly understand the potential risk, and quickly scope development to ensure high-quality releases, every time.

About Panaya

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