Panaya Explores Benefits of Enterprise Agile Delivery at Scale

State of Agile 2017 survey highlights Enterprise Agile Delivery adoption and best practices

-Hackensack, NJ, May 15, 2018-

Panaya, the leader in SaaS-based testing and Agile delivery platforms, has released a paper on Enterprise Agile Delivery (EAD) that features Forrester’s December 2017 report, The State Of Agile 2017: Agile At Scale. The paper explores Enterprise Agility adoption and growth, which Panaya believes offers key techniques and best practices to help accelerate Agile delivery rollouts and scale Agile and DevOps in the Enterprise.

Surveying 232 software development executives and professionals — from end users and system integrators through to software vendors — Forrester’s survey reveals that despite Agile’s known benefits, it is yet to be fully embraced by the Enterprise, with only 40% of ISVs claiming to have 75% of their teams working in Agile. Contributing factors include resistance to behavioral change, skills gap, limited budgets and DevOps and Agile transformation silos. And although DevOps has helped to accelerate Agile adoption, Agile development still lacks scale across teams, divisions and the Enterprise as a whole.   

“Software is conquering the world — and Agile makes it possible. Fully embrace Agile and Lean principles to change dev teams’ behavior and build software to win, serve, and retain your customers,” Diego Lo Giudice, vice president, principal analyst serving application development and delivery professionals at Forrester, writes in the report.

The survey also shows that 71% of expert firms reported improved customer experience when switching to Agile, with 66% reporting better business and IT alignment. And while the survey found adoption to be somewhat staggered, Panaya believes that it noted encouraging growth with the unified adoption of DevOps and Agile.

“Enterprise Agile Delivery has the potential to radically accelerate a business’s digital transformation strategy and initiatives, while giving IT and business units the opportunity to make a marked impact on an organization’s bottom line,” said David Binny, chief product officer at Panaya. “Agile is all about putting customers at the center of your business strategy. Getting your digital journey right will help to keep customers happy, which in turn, will drive revenues and customer acquisition.”


Forrester also outlines best practices from expert Agile firms. These include:

  • › Change the organization’s mindset
  • › Adopt a mix of Agile practices
  • › Organize in cross-functional teams
  • › Apply Agile upstream and downstream
  • › Implement continuous testing
  • › Complement Agile at scale with DevOps
  • › Extend Agile to budgets, sizing and metrics

“At Panaya, Release Dynamix (RDx) helps businesses quickly realize the benefits of Enterprise Agile Delivery by enabling easy management of application delivery and value streams — from ideation to realization — while monitoring investment buckets to ensure strategic alignment,” added Binny.

RDx is the only tool designed to provide real-time insight into both risk and quality, automatically generating corrective actions from production through to delivery. By providing visibility into the business requirements, both the build and test processes can be written, and executed, in tandem.

Download Forrester’s The State of Agile 2017: Agile at Scale here to discover the benefits of Enterprise Agile Delivery.

About Panaya

Panaya, an Infosys company, enables organizations to accelerate application change and continuously deliver innovation with its Enterprise Agile Delivery Platform. Panaya provides cloud based application delivery, and testing solutions that ensure collaboration between Business and IT. Enabling enterprise agility with faster release velocity and uncompromising quality, Panaya delivers an optimized user experience with end to end visibility of the application lifecycle. Since 2008, 1,600 companies in 62 countries, including a third of the Fortune 500, have been using Panaya to deliver quick quality change to enterprise applications. | Free Trial | Twitter @Panaya | Facebook | LinkedIn

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