International Air Transport Association (IATA) Expands Journey Toward Enterprise Agile Delivery Using Panaya

Reducing testing time by 50%, IATA successfully upgrades to SAP EHP8
on-time and under budget

-Hackensack, NJ, May 6, 2018-

Panaya, the leader in SaaS-based testing and continuous delivery platforms, announced that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has recently expanded its journey toward Enterprise Agile Delivery (modern ALM) by integrating both its testing and change delivery solutions into the IT operations of the leading aviation body. IATA has recently completed an upgrade from SAP EHP5 to EPH8 on-time and under budget, using the Panaya Test Dynamix platform.

Processing more than 2,000 tasks at any given time, Panaya Test Dynamix enabled the leading aviation trade body to cut testing time in half, while minimizing disruption and still meeting daily SAP maintenance and testing needs.
IATA users are required to cover all business scenarios, which involved coordinating in-person UAT with hundreds of business users. However, without a centralized platform to manage and view testing status, application change delivery and testing proved costly and time consuming.

Panaya Test Dynamix answered IATA needs by offering a solution designed for both technical and non-technical users. Built-in notifications and real-time dashboards provided full test visibility and tracking at the test and business process levels. As a result, more than 100 business users and six consultants were onboarded onto Panaya Test Dynamix platform in under three months – reducing project duration from 2,394 hours to 1,139 hours. Thanks to Panaya Test Dynamix also being audit-ready, all documentation was instantly compliant with internal and external IATA quality standards.
“From the very beginning, the Panaya platform was an easy to use tool. We have a lot of flexibility to play with scripts; workflow is simple, and no other tool provides impact analysis within SAP. I’m truly sold on the tool,” said Razvan Calin SAP, CoE manager at IATA. “We have also started using Panaya’s Release Dynamix for releases, and looking ahead, the upcoming integration with our Salesforce solution will be a huge advantage for us.”

In addition to Panaya Test Dynamix, IATA has leveraged Panaya’s Release Dynamix 2.0 (RDx) platform – a cloud-based Enterprise Agile Delivery (EAD) platform that enables quick and safe delivery of application changes from ideation to realization. Designed with the enterprise IT in mind, RDx enables IATA’s dispersed teams to have full visibility, real-time monitoring and reporting that provide a multidimensional view of the entire delivery pipeline. This will enable IATA to better understand impact and delivery risk while factoring in scope, time and quality. RDx will also enable IATA to more effectively map tests and defects to business change requests and development requirements, reducing time and increasing quality and business assurance for all future SAP changes.

IATA is also exploring the possibility of integrating Panaya’s RDx for (RDx for SFDC) into its delivery pipeline and workflow. Designed specifically to support SFDC change delivery, RDx for SFDC provides real-time insights into risk and quality while applying automatic corrective actions prior to Salesforce code development. This minimizes the risks and need for long, expensive impact analysis and regression testing often associated with Salesforce system changes.

“IATA is a great example of how a customer can leverage the full benefits that Panaya has to offer for enterprise agility – from release management and SAP testing through to SFDC,” said David Binny, Chief Product Officer at Panaya. “Moving forward, RDx will allow IATA to have a much tighter grip on its own Agile delivery pipeline, while ensuring investment buckets are strategically aligned with key business goals.”

Check out the full case study  to understand how IATA successfully cut their testing time in half and made the switch to modern ALM.

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