Panaya Adds Over 200 New Clients Within a Year, Supporting Digital Transformation

Panaya’s platform releases testing “bottlenecks” for ERP agility

San Francisco, May 5, 2016:

Panaya, an Infosys company, announces the addition of over 200 new clients since being acquired by Infosys in April 2015. Panaya’s next generation SaaS platform Quality Suite (PCQ) enables faster changes and continuous improvement of ERP systems, releasing testing bottlenecks that hinder ERP agility, supporting the organizations’ digital transformation.

Doron Gerstel - Panaya CEO

Doron Gerstel, Panaya’s CEO, says:

“Panaya’s growth goes hand-in-hand with organizations’ growing challenge to keep up with the pace of business while ensuring certainty and quality of their ERP. The need for ERP agility magnifies the complexity of ERP in times of digital transformation.”

Panaya’s next generation SaaS platform quality suite (PCQ) is using analytics and crowd-wisdom engines based on interrogation of over 30,000 ERP landscapes. The platform is constantly “learning” the ERP vendor code as well as the organization’s code, which allows for faster changes and continuous improvement of ERP systems. Since testing, and specifically UAT becomes the new bottleneck for ERP agility, PCQ also includes the ability to manage the testing process and collaborate effectively between IT and business stakeholders along the release process. This accelerates testing process, increases automation potential and ensures client organizations test and fix only what is necessary yet miss nothing. With Panaya, organizations reach ERP agility faster – with zero time to change, zero risk, and zero defects. The result is increased rate of change with minimal risk and defects.

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“The move to ERP agility also means that we need to look differently at how we handle UAT since it is becoming the new bottleneck of digital transformation,” said Sebastian Hebert, Technical Director, Shiseido. “Panaya is like a light in the darkness. We all of a sudden have the visibility of what we need to test and the confidence that we can share this with the business users. We know the impact precisely, something we never knew in the past.”

Panaya Highlights:

  • Since April 2015, an additional 200 organizations have deployed Panaya technology. Overall 1600 organizations use Panaya.
  • Since 2006 Panaya has been deployed in over 9,000 projects with zero defects after go-live.
  • Overall 33,000 ERP landscapes have been analyzed, creating the largest data set in the industry from which the system can learn.
  • Among Panaya’s customers are Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Coca Cola, Walmart, AirFrance and more.
  • Panaya is part of the new Infosys Mana artificial intelligence platform, enabling clients to have systems automatically sense, adapt and fix issues within their ERP systems

About Panaya: Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite disrupts the risk, time and costs required to deliver all types of SAP® and Oracle® EBS changes. We are passionate about the need to make your ERP more agile and align it with your business. Powered by big data analytics and aggregating since 2008, Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite delivers insights that tell you what will break, how to fix it and what to test. It is constantly improving and finding smarter ways to perform everything from day-to-day maintenance to major projects. 1,220 companies in 62 countries, including a third of the Fortune 500, use the Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite to enhance and maintain their enterprise apps without skipping a beat.

To learn more about ERP Agility as an enabler in the era of Digital Transformation >> Download Panaya Whitepaper

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