Aibel Achieves ERP Agility Reducing 30%
in SAP Testing Time


Aibel is an engineering company that plans, builds, upgrades and maintains platforms,
vessels and production facilities in the oil and gas industry.


“Panaya allows us to avoid running unnecessary tests. That is a big deal.”

The Challenge

Trond Jansen is Aibel’s ERP Manager. He runs a 12 person team that is responsible for a worldwide corporation of 5,000. Aibel has 11 locations throughout Europe and Asia. The company can trace its roots to 1882.

“Aibel has 2,500 SAP users and 50 key users. That’s a lot for an ERP team of 12 to handle. It is very important for Aibel to stay current. We run most of SAP’s major modules – Fico, PS, MM, Workflow and others. Our SAP is on EHP7 and we install two service pack stacks a year. Of course we have custom code, but we’re close enough to standard that I’m very comfortable keeping Aibel at the cutting edge of what SAP has to offer.”

“The only thing more challenging than staying current on SAP is staying current with our testing! Before we started using Panaya, the ERP team had to manually distribute Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Even worse, we had no way to collect and reuse our test scripts – so we were all wasting a lot of time.”

The Solution

Aibel began using Panaya for all of their SAP testing. They moved from Word and Excel to Panaya’s easy to use SaaS interface for keeping track of testing efforts. Trond Jansen is thrilled. “Our entire SAP testing process is much more automated and better documented. Panaya’s test accelerators make testing much easier for key users – we give them personalized test scenarios and they don’t need to reinvent the tests each time. Panaya removes all transaction code that isn’t affected, so we no longer need to run unnecessary tests. That is a big deal, because with all of the new code in any given SAP service pack, there is no way to fully test everything. Panaya allows us to avoid running unnecessary tests.”

The Results

Trond Jansen isn’t looking back. “Panaya has significantly reduced the time that we reserve for testing and Aibel is incurring less internal costs. Aibel standardized on Panaya and we look forward to continue saving 30% in testing time.”

Change with Confidence