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How can Enterprise Agile Delivery accelerate change in enterprise applications

by | May 23, 2017

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How can Enterprise Agile Delivery accelerate change in enterprise applications

Panaya is  pleased to announce the launch of Release Dynamix (RDx), our cloud-based Enterprise Agile Delivery solution that drives innovation by enabling continuous delivery of business-driven changes with speed and simplicity.

After completing thousands of successful change projects with over 500 enterprise customers, Panaya witnessed first-hand that digital transformation requires quicker development cycles as IT needs to keep pace with business innovations.

A “waterfall” approach to enterprise application change delivery doesn’t match the requirements of continuous and agile development. Typically, delivery cycles are impeded by a lack of visibility into project status, an inability to accurately assess change impact and risk prior to release, and siloed, largely manual testing practices.

Panaya RDx, accelerates the delivery of quality software by improving visibility and collaboration while removing bottlenecks, making the delivery of change more agile.

Providing a real-time requirement-centric view into the development process, along with complete change impact simulation and a next generation testing platform, Panaya RDx enables organizations to release high quality software changes rapidly, meet user expectations and drive their business forward.

Using Panaya RDx, global IT organizations are releasing  new functionality to their respective lines of business on a weekly basis, while achieving substantial improvements in project quality and predictability. Read more about Release Dynamix.

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