Fast or Safe? No Longer a Dilemma for Change Delivery

Since the dawn of civilization, one thing has been constant, change. From the Industrial Revolution to the Information Age, progress was brought about by innovation.


Change is happening at a rapid pace. Just think that ten years ago, before the proliferation of mobile devices, the sharing economy revolution in industries like transportation (Uber) hospitality (Airbnb) and commerce (eBay) was inconceivable.


Disruptive, Continuous Change Is the New Norm

Disruptive, continuous change is the norm putting new demands on today’s IT – traditionally accustomed to waterfall delivery cycles that can’t respond quickly enough to constant change.

Change is Not All Sunshine and Rainbows….

Today’s IT departments are responsible for meeting user requirements, and delivering quality software on time. But when business processes are being transformed by technology, the final target keeps moving. This increases the risk that projects can go off track. Change enablement comes with challenge, hard work, tight time schedules, major headaches and most likely, stress.

While everyone else is celebrating the upside of change, you, the Business IT manager must see to the mechanics of change.



While everyone else is celebrating change as a differentiator (the superior customer experience, the competitive edge, the money flying in…), you, the Business IT manager must see to the mechanics of change. Only you know this change may cause downtimes and defects. You know you are stepping into a minefield and it’s your neck that’s on the line.

Bringing Agility to the world of Enterprise Applications

With the pace of change constantly increasing, IT managers’ dilemma of velocity vs. risk is only expected to intensify. The truly great news is – we can help.


We at Panaya understand your dilemma. We know that if you had to choose between “quick and dirty” and “slowly but surely”, you would probably choose the latter. But when fast-paced, continuous delivery of change is the norm, that’s not an option.


After having completed thousands of successful change projects with over 1,600 enterprise customers, Panaya has witnessed first-hand that digital transformation requires quicker and safer development cycles, as IT needs to keep pace with business innovation, while staying in control. As we became aware of the pains and challenges associated with continuous delivery of change, we have also shifted our focus and product vision to support this new paradigm and bringing agility to the world of enterprise IT. 

New and Enhanced Solution Portfolio

Enterprise applications do not exist in a vacuum – any potential change to the software landscape could have significant down-stream impact that far outweighs the benefit of the new functionality. Therefore, real-time visibility into project risk and quality are especially important.


Furthermore, within the enterprise, application delivery and testing activities must be undertaken in close partnership with business users and functional experts within the line of business. This requires more collaboration, constant planning and transparency as well as process-oriented approach to application lifecycle management.


Today we are proud to present our new and enhanced solution portfolio, under three differentiated product domains, all targeted specifically at bringing agility to enterprise applications.


Enterprise Agility Platform 

Panaya provides a unique process-centric approach to application life cycle management with Panaya Release Dynamix (RDX), a cloud-based enterprise agility platform. From initial business change request through to testing and production, Panaya delivers the value of agile, continuous delivery to the world of Enterprise Applications

End-to-End Testing

Panaya Test Center enables a process centric approach to test management delivering real-time visibility into the status of requirements as they’re being delivered. Powered by Machine Learning technologies Panaya Autonomous Testing provide automation and acceleration of regression testing and user acceptance testing.

Impact Analysis & Risk Mitigation 

Panaya Change Analytics & Risk Simulation predicts the full impact of change, before changes are made.

With Panaya Disruptive Change is the New Norm

Panaya is now poised to become your best change delivery partner and eliminate the risk associated with rolling out business-driven change. With Panaya, IT and Test managers like you no longer must face the ‘Risk vs. Velocity’ dilemma and can deliver change with clarity and certainty. With Panaya by your side, you don’t leave anything to chance. With Panaya, disruptive change is the new norm.