SAP Enhancement Package Upgrades

Why SAP Enhancement Packages Are #1 in 2014

Running an SAP system? If so, chances are you’re either in the middle of planning or implementing an ERP change.

At any given time, most SAP users have an ERP change on the horizon. And, this year, the vast majority of these changes are enhancement package upgrades.  In fact, more than 30% of SAP customers are planning an enhancement package (EHP) upgrade as we speak. Interestingly enough, this figure was just 20% in 2013.

SAP Enhancement Package Upgrades: #1 for 2014
Enhancement Package Upgrades: #1 for 2014

So Why Are SAP Shops Implementing EHPs Now?

The answer to this question can be answered by looking at the enhancement packages being implemented – EHP 7 is top of the list for most SAP Shops this year.

This trend could be attributed to the recent surge of interest in SAP HANA.   Big Data is big news this year, with 70% of enterprise organizations either deploying or planning to deploy big data-related projects and programs. No wonder interest has peaked in SAP HANA – SAP’s own Big Data platform.

As the technical pre-requisite for SAP HANA, EHP 7 is in big demand.

Migrating to SAP HANA comes with many benefits. Here are two key features that offer the most valuable practical advantages for business users:

1.   Faster MRP Runs

SAP HANA Live allows business users to check on the supply and availability of materials in real-time and perform ‘ad-hoc’ simulations. By taking advantage of these options, users are able to speed up complex MRP runs and capacity planning dramatically. With SAP HANA Live, customers can cut the time of MRP runs from around eight hours to less than 30 minutes.

2.   Real-Time Access to ERP Data

SAP HANA makes it possible for users to implement a ‘data aging strategy’. This means they can enjoy real-time access to data that is often needed for daily business operations (for example: the financial results for the past three years).

But SAP Enhancement Package 7 isn’t all about SAP HANA. Another important feature of the release for many users is SAP Fiori – which enables you to perform daily tasks faster across multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

As if that wasn’t enough, EHP 7 contains more than 750 business functions.

EHP Upgrade Avoidance

Despite all this, many people are still avoiding an upgrade.

I think that the truth is that many people avoid upgrading because they are concerned about the challenges involved. Common concerns include understanding the impact of change, estimating the time and effort required, knowing which business functions to activate, justifying the upgrade to management etc.

However, I don’t think that EHP upgrades need to be traumatic! In fact, I recently held a webinar on this very subject and discussed how to avoid the pitfalls of an upgrade to enhancement package 7.

Have you recently implemented an enhancement package upgrade? Please share your experiences here!