S/4HANA Clean Core Done Differently

As someone that had moved into more than 20 apartments in his lifetime, I can tell you that your house is always the cleanest when you move. It’s like a greenfield implementation or launching a new module.

It’s the cleanest on day one. As days go by, adding additional code, notes, versions, and enhancements-it gets messier and messier.

I wouldn’t say I like cleaning days, spending precious hours of my life cleaning my house. As a child, we had a Friday cleaning routine. We all stormed through the house for a few hours, cleaning and tidying up the place.

Some companies do it too. Make it a project, day, week, or even month of code cleanup, removing dead code and improving existing ones. It’s costly and requires a strong IT to say- I’m delaying your requests for innovation to clean up the system.

What I found to be the best clean-up routine for me is what I call DevOps cleaning. Rather than making cleaning into a project, I do it constantly and in small chunks, just like wiping the table after dinner and cleaning the bathroom sink while I brush my teeth.

But how can you do it with your ERP?

The answer lies with Panaya’s automatically generated back-to-standard and code cleanup project plan.

Yes, Panaya accelerates and eliminates the risk of your daily operation, accelerates your project, and allows you to have a faster time to market. But Panaya also assists with keeping your system clean and healthy.

Panaya’s platform is a task-based system that allows you to run projects – so if a cleaning project suits you, that’s an option, as it’s ready to go at your disposal in less than 48 hours. However, there’s another way to handle it that many organizations found to be easier and more efficient. The idea is simple, take the clean-up tasks and assign one task for each developer daily. This under-the-radar operation doesn’t take a toll on your developers, and your developers won’t be frustrated that they’re not working on innovation.

Your system might not be clean in a day, a week, or a month. But in a year, it will, and maybe more importantly, by the time you’ll need to go to S/4HANA, you’ll be as clean as possible.

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