The Panaya SolMan Workaround

Breaking News – How to Get the Most out of SolMan with Panaya

Here at Panaya, we are huge fans of Solution Manager. It really is the “ERP of IT” – it takes care of change management, impact analysis and many other useful tasks. Many of our customers prefer to use Panaya Test Center for managing their testing activities, because our product has a killer UI, it orchestrates the testing process and other powerful capabilities.

Get the most out of Panaya and SolMan!
Get the most out of Panaya and SolMan!

We’ve worked on this unique Panaya – SolMan integration for a while and I am confident that it will help many SAP customers to get the best out of Panaya and SAP Solution Manager.

Export BP Tree with Transactions and Testers from SOLMAN to Test Center

In Solution Manager perform the following activities:

  1. Go to transaction SOLAR_EVAL.
  2. Select Analysis –> Project –> Business Blueprint –> Assignments –> Transactions.
    Note: if the Business Blueprint structure is maintained in a SOLMAN Solution, rather than a Project, please select the same path but for a Solution.
  3. Select the relevant project in the project field.
  4. Select Display Project Structure –> Display Completely (select the radio-button).
  5. Select End User Roles –> Display End User Role (check the check-box).
    Note: Only if the BP tree in the End User Role tab is maintained, this field will be populated and taken to Panaya as the tester.
  6. Execute and you’ll get the project structure as selected.
  7. Press the Export Hierarchy button and save the file as an Excel file type.
  8. Upload the file to Panaya’s Test Box.

Export Tests Runs and Tests Evidence from Test Center to SOLMAN

At the end of the project in Panaya, if you want to extract the data from Panaya Test Center Project you should follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter the relevant project.
  2. Go to Tests –> Tree.
  3. Right click on the desired object in the tree (project, cycle, folder, business process) –> Export –> Test Evidences.
  4. Choose the format of the Tests Evidence (PDF or MS Word).
  5. Press Export.
  6. Next, you will receive an email once the processing is completed. It includes a Zip file which contains an Excel spreadsheet as a mapping for all the tests with the test runs info and statistics as well as test evidence document for every executed test.

There you go – now Panaya and SolMan will live happily ever after.

Let me know how this works for you – I promise to reply.

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