People as Personas

How Do We Address the Real Challenges of ERP Managers

Eyal Elazar
Eyal Elazar

Eyal Elazar is a Product Marketing Manager in Panaya. Experienced in designing strategic narratives and translating complex market situations into compelling offers, Eyal delivers the voice of the market as he develops product positioning and messaging and leads marketing plans to support product/features launches for Panaya’s ERP Change Intelligence portfolio.

My name is Eyal, and I am the Product Marketing Manager for ERP Solutions at Panaya.

Understanding the key challenges and operational duties of the ERP manager we build solutions for is the key to my work.

I spend my time talking to them, showcasing our solutions, and building out content that addresses their day to day. Internally I represent the voice of the customer so that our Product & R&D teams receive insight on how to direct key developments and features.

As such, I am now searching to understand how the new environment introduced by COVID-19 accompanied by SAP S/4 EOL push out, influenced the SAP market.

We see some vertical industries are positioned to bloom like food processing, eCommerce, etc. while some are left somewhere in between.

But most of them still say that change is the most significant driver for ERP strategy, and the nature of the change depends only on the budget and appetite of each one. They acknowledge that the “cost of doing nothing” is one of the most critical requirements for any ERP change business case.

People as Personas

The bottom line is that change and insight are still top-of-mind for them. Some companies have already moved or are positioned to move to S/4, while many are reconsidering timing, reexamining business cases, or asserting that it’s not the time to make significant investments.

We see more discussion of migrating to the latest business suite on HANA or even focusing on small regulation or security updates.

But all understand that the cost of doing nothing is too high – especially today.

I would love to get more feedback on how you see the current market state. If any ERP stakeholders would like to be included in our initiatives or content, pls connect.

People as Personas

At Panaya we understand that behind each incredible product there is a team of experts. These individuals are our pride. They go above and beyond to make sure each component and stage in the process is done with perfect accuracy.

This initiative opens the curtains to share with you the personas at Panaya.

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