Bell Helicopter implements SAP changes faster with confidence using Panaya

Bell helicopter

Bell Helicopter, a division of Textron, is an American aerospace manufacturer headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. An industry leader with unmatched name recognition, Bell Helicopter was the first to obtain certification for a commercial helicopter and has delivered more than 35,000 aircrafts to customers around the world.

Recently Bell Helicopter decided to upgrade their SAP ERP to the latest SAP enhancement pack as well as implement ongoing customer driven functional SAP changes.

With Panaya, Bell Helicopters has the confidence to implement these changes better, faster and safer using PCQ, Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite.

Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite delivers quality ERP changes for both vendor-driven and customer-driven changes by ensuring functionality, security and performance with:

  • Impact Analysis – know what the impact of changes are, not only with their SAP ERP system but also satellite systems, and automatically suggests code remediation
  • Accelerated testing – enterprise testing for the digital age validates your ERP business processes functionality, ensuring their integrity with every ERP change you make
  • ERP reporting – Ongoing, real-time documentation of ERP changes across your ERP systems

Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite enables Bell Helicopters to achieve change in an agile manner in ½ the time, ½ the effort, on budget with zero defects.

Learn more about Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite for upgrades, rollouts and the transition to HANA.

Another #Panayawin – Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite for all changes.

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