Oracle EBS Security Begins with Your Application Development Cycle

A recent article published in Security Boulevard describe the endless, Sisyphic cycle of ERP Security. For users of Oracle EBS, the article goes on to argue, security is an ongoing concern, pertaining to the organization’s most critical business applications. The cycle of security-related vulnerabilities and fixes begins as early as during the application development cycle.

How Sure Is Sure Enough?

It starts with DBAs and application developers configuring these applications with system parameters, settings and access rights. Next, Information security (InfoSec) and internal IT audit teams perform assessments and find problems with the way the system is configured. DBAs and application developers than rush to fix the issues that security and audit have found. This is of course on top of their constant stream of business requirements. When InfoSec and audit find yet more issues, it is usually due to new vulnerabilities that have emerged, or because of the changes requested by the business.


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Oracle Security Patches – We’ve Got Your Back

Oracle regularly releases security patches for their ERP products. However, applying those patches is not always as straightforward as you’d expect. Security is not – believe it or not -a priority in all enterprises. In fact, many organizations defer patching in favor of operational availability. But for how long can you defer it? Well, until deferring is no longer an option.

When system architectures are too complex, functionality too customized, or when users lack knowledge about the patching process, patching is often put off. However, when your applications are exposed via an internet connection, they virtually become open invitations for a breach.

Imagine, though that you could somehow verify the stability of your fixes in advance of applying the patch? Following these simple steps, organizations can proactively protect themselves by accurately assessing the risk. We’ve put together a webinar to get your organization started on keeping Oracle EBS safe. Let Panaya’s Oracle experts walk you through all the steps to making your oracle EBS secure.

Fearless Change Management for Oracle® EBS