Simplify and Accelerate Your Oracle EBS Releases

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When it comes to managing your Oracle EBS releases, change is constant. And to survive – you need to take a proactive approach to change delivery. Add to that the shift toward the cloud – there’s a lot of mess to handle. We’ve discussed heavily the hybrid reality faced by Oracle EBS decision-makers – the balance between on-premise Oracle EBS and a complete shift toward the cloud. But whether you’re somewhere there, just getting started on migrating to the cloud, are a seasoned veteran or looking to maximize your on-premise solution – you need to be working with the right tools to standardize and accelerate the way you deliver change – key to ensuring your organization’s competitive edge.

Accelerate Oracle EBS Releases

Align with the Speed of Change and Make EBS Releases Faster and More Frequent

When it comes to implementing change to your Oracle EBS platform – whether on premise or cloud – you are in a race to meet growing business demands but fear the risk that comes with it. As business processes now span across multiple platforms, delivering software change quickly and safely is becoming more complex and requires updated practices. This includes how you mitigate risk before you go ahead with the change, as well as ensuring the quality of change before go-live.

Embrace Faster and More Frequent EBS Releases

Ongoing change can slow you down – but it doesn’t have to. When it comes to continuous delivery, organizations are challenged by the coordination of multiple releases across multiple software delivery pipelines.  With the right methodologies and tools, you can focus on implementing high quality change – on time and without risk.

With the right tools, gain actionable insights to ensure the delivery of current projects as you make data-based decisions on delivery timelines for upcoming releases. It’s time to move on from spreadsheets or SharePoint to an intelligent solution that provides visibility into release status across the entire delivery lifecycle, which sync everyone and align all teams to the same business objectives and continually and intelligently factor scope time and quality for faster and safer releases.

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Mirror the Way Your Organization Works

To manage and accelerate Oracle EBS testing across multiple platforms, you need to work with a solution which mirrors the way your organization works throughout an end-to-end business process. The right end-to-end test management solution would provide a business-process centric approach to testing, where test cycles are validated according to actual business processes. This includes support for on premise and cloud applications, while encompassing the needs of complex environments, cross-functional teams, multiple testers, geographies and platforms.

Relying on tools that are unmanageable and unscalable is risky and time consuming. Instead, the right solution will embrace collaboration, provide real-time visibility into status and results, simplify tedious documentation processes to increase efficiency, quality and certainty of testing. Finally, standardize and accelerate testing by up to 50% – without having to make any compromises along the way.

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Accelerate Oracle EBS Releases

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