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Reimagining Conferences: Taking Offline Events Online

Iris Abramovich
Iris Abramovich

Iris Abramovich is the Head of Corporate Marketing at Panaya. Iris is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategy, managing the Panaya brand, and defining event strategy to support the business’ goals. As a marketing leader, Iris believes motivation, adaptability, and creativity are crucial skills for a marketing team in the current market.

The first time we were forced into lockdown I thought it would be a matter of a few months until things went back to normal. Today, six months into our “new reality”, lockdowns and social distancing have left us all looking for ways to stay connected and maintain social interaction.

As a business, we were also pushed to radically rethink what networking represented to us as an organization.

Events and conferences have always been an effective way for us to gain knowledge, network, create leads and close deals. Yet that “sure thing” turned into a significant challenge almost overnight as events were either cancelled or taken online due to Covid-19.

Lacking the power of face-to-face interactions meant that we would need to be extremely creative on how to engage and “wow” our audience to prove our value and points of differentiation.

Iris Abramovich - Head of Corporate Marketing

Crisis = Opportunity

John F. Kennedy used to say that in Chinese the word for crisis is the same as for opportunity. Though a quick Google search will show you he was mistaken, we are taking the idea he tried to express as an everyday motto.

Online events can more easily reach larger audiences, including new ones that wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend the event.

We are optimizing knowledge and collaborating with partners on our own virtual events to find new ways to deliver added value to our audience. We also continue to look for ways to create the best customer experience through personalized live chats, chat rooms and virtual lounges.

Improvising for Success and Learning Now and in The Future

We still don’t have a refined playbook for digital event success, but we are taking the opportunity to move forward and develop new skills along the way.

Digital events are here to stay, at least for the near future, and it is part of our role to lead with creativity and adaptability.

People as Personas

At Panaya we understand that behind each incredible product there is a team of experts. These individuals are our pride. They go above and beyond to make sure each component and stage in the process is done with perfect accuracy.

This initiative opens the curtains to share with you the personas at Panaya.

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