Regression Testing

Zero-touch test script creation and maintenance

Automatically Convert Actual Business Activities into Up-to-Date Test Scripts

Omega, the machine learning engine at the core of Panaya’s Autonomous Testing™ ensures quality teams test the right things by automatically capturing transactions from production and converting them into test cases that represent domain expertise.

While continually capturing and analyzing transactions during production, Omega algorithms synthesize an optimal, accurate regression suite by automatically converting user activities to representative test scripts.

The result: a comprehensive set of use cases that reflect actual business usage, instrumental in verifying how SAP updates would impact critical business processes ensuring error-proof testing that mirrors actual user behavior without user intervention.

How it works:

By enabling the Omega converter on production user workstations, Omega automatically and continuously gathers user activities in production. Using machine learning, Omega creates an always up-to-date, accurate and maintenance-free regression suite. The Omega converter is deployed automatically by IT through Organizational Group Policy and never affects SAP performance.


  • Automatically convert in-production business activities and usage patterns to test scripts
  • Improve regression testing efficiency and accuracy without business team engagement
  • Reduce time and effort in capturing knowledge from business users
  • Replace manually engineered test cases with zero-touch test case creation and maintenance
  • Monitor and control testing activities and phases in real time
  • Automatically create and update your regression suite, leveraging real-life business processes


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