Enterprise Agile Delivery

Introducing Agility to Enterprise Applications

Introducing Agility to Enterprise Applications

Digital transformation and the age of the customer require IT organizations to transform from technology support groups to business enablers. These Business Technology teams are tasked  with delivering new customer experiences that yield direct business results.

To meet the requirements for digital transformation, Enterprises are required to adopt a continuous delivery model where release cadences are measured in days, not quarters and quality is guaranteed. To get there, organizations need to apply agile methodologies but are limited by existing tools and technologies.

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This is because today’s Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management (“ALM”) market is dominated by monolithic, on premise solutions such as IBM Rational and HP ALM that were designed with a “waterfall” delivery approach in mind and lack key elements of agile delivery methodology.

While the software development industry has moved on to a best of breed approach with agile tools such as Jira and Jenkins, these tools were designed for professional developers and not for the needs of the Enterprise IT organization.

In the World of Digital Transformation and Continuous Delivery of Innovation, the Enterprise has Been Left Behind.

Within the Enterprise, application delivery and testing activities must be undertaken in close partnership with business users and functional experts within the line of business. This requires more collaboration, constant planning and transparency as well as process-oriented approach to application lifecycle management. 

Furthermore, Enterprise applications do not exist in a vacuum – any potential change to the software landscape could have significant down-stream impact that far outweighs the benefit of the new functionality. Therefore, real-time visibility into project risk and quality are especially important.

Panaya provides a unique process-centric approach to application lifecycle management with Panaya Release Dynamix (RDx), a cloud-based Enterprise Agile Delivery platform.

From initial business change request through to testing and production, Panaya delivers the value of agile, continuous delivery to the world of Enterprise Applications.


Achieving Agile in the Enterprise: From Dream to Reality

Our Approach to Agile Change Delivery is Based on Five Key Pillars:

Collaborative Tool for All Stakeholders

Panaya RDx provides a holistic and integrated environment that enables collaboration with all stakeholders involved in the business process. For application delivery managers, project managers, release managers, developers and test managers, Panaya RDx is a focal point for change delivery and a single source of truth for project status, risk and quality. Users benefit from proactive communications and notifications that help to identify conflicts and remove dependencies typically found in complex, cross-functional (often geographically dispersed) business processes.

Traceability and Visibility – a Requirement Centric View of Delivery

To ensure on time, accelerated delivery with high quality, release managers require visibility and timely information on projects’ status. While development oriented tools like Jira provide insight into the delivery of requirements, visibility must be broader to manage risk and take informed decisions. Lack of visibility reduces confidence and thus project and release managers act conservatively by testing more and down-scoping projects.

Panaya RDx addresses this with a requirement-centric view for the business user. Panaya RDx maps tests and defects to business change requests and development requirements, allowing IT and business managers to allocate resources, add requirements, assign user stories prioritize backlogs and manage tests based on full visibility and traceability. IT managers have a timely view of test cases coverage and association to business requirements, test case execution status, what defects have surfaced, how critical they are, and whether there are any interdependencies with other areas of the IT environment. Full visibility and traceability ensures that changes are implemented fast and with confidence.

Test Management and Test Automation

Inherent to Panaya RDx is test management and test execution capabilities based on Panaya’s cloud-based testing platform – Panaya Test Dynamix enables a unique, business process centric approach to test management delivering real-time visibility, control and collaboration. Project and test managers can easily assign different steps of a single business process to multiple functional experts or key users while sequence and workflow is managed from a business process centric view.

Moreover, powered by Machine Learning technologies Panaya Autonomous Testing™ Eliminate manually engineered test cases through zero-touch test case creation and maintenance. By automatically converting actual in-production business activities and usage patterns to test scripts that are then executed automatically, organizations Improve efficiency and accuracy in regression testing without involvement of business team.

Compliance and Workflow

With Panaya RDx organizations can implement a requirement lifecycle approval workflow and a governance process of a change to comply with internal as well as regulated change introduction processes while continually managing the change lifecycle process. With capabilities, such as – a customizable framework that enables tailored processes, the ability to apply one policy across the entire portfolio and visibility into the status of the overall process – IT managers can guarantee business process validation.

Delivery Impact and Risk Mitigation

Beyond real time visibility, Panaya RDx provides project and release impact analysis and risk mitigation to assess readiness to the level of the individual requirement. Real time code analysis reveals all impacted transactions and ensures test coverage via automatic test plan validation and assignment. This means that time and resources are not wasted – developers can shiftleft based on automatic suggestions and generation of unit tests to test smarter, with precision.

Panaya RDx augments functional impact analysis with automatic code quality review to pinpoint critical vulnerabilities in the domains of: security, compliance, performance, robustness and maintainability, ensuring the highest level of quality and performance from your enterprise system. 

The power of foresight to predict change impact and interdependencies in real-time allows IT and business managers to make informed decisions, shorten release cycles, ensure quality changes and become agile.

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