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Oracle Releases a Critical Patch Update. Are You Secure?

So, it is that time of the quarter again!

Oracle released their quarterly Critical Patch Update (CPU) on January 17, 2017  (more…)

Three New Year’s Resolutions for Leading Change in 2017

There is no doubt that digital transformation raises the bar for change management demands. Organizations are required to keep up with the pace of business and deliver change and innovation continuously, so that they can support their customer demands and keep up their competitive edge. (more…)

5 ERP Myths to Leave Behind in 2017

The first wave of digital transformation hit enterprise shores in 2016, and these 5 myths are written for the many companies looking to ride the bigger waves coming in 2017.  The swell of acceptance of SAP S/4HANA is growing, the Oracle EBS users are looking to the clouds for the positive signs of a smooth ride.  (more…)

Ho, Ho, Ho – Introducing the New Panaya website

The holiday season is just around the corner, and 2017 is a stone throw away but for us in Panaya the new year’s resolution is rock solid – Launching a new website.

We’re very proud to announce the launch of our new website. We built it first and foremost with one thing in mind – You! Our goal is to provide you with thought leadership, educational and insightful content to help you succeed in the Journey to ERP agility and digital transformation. (more…)

What’s New with HANA 2

Enterprises that have migrated to the SAP HANA database are making digital transformation a reality, achieving great ROI, accelerating their business processes and taking analytics to a new level.  As an example, one company named Building Radar that uses HANA supplies verified sales leads in the building construction field.  Taking an immense amount of data and applying geographic and socio-economic layers, HANA gives them the ability to create real-time analytics and discover these leads. (more…)

Personality Quiz: What Type of a Change Agent Are You?

To lead IT in today’s fast paced world, you must be a change agent in your organization.

A change agent is a person who helps an organization transform itself by focusing on such matters as organizational effectiveness, process improvement and development of new capabilities supporting the business.


Hillarys Wins SAP Award for Fast S/4HANA Migration with Panaya

Following up on a blog from last month, Hillarys Blinds won a SAP Quality Award for Fast Delivery on November 11th for their quick migration to SAP S/4HANA using Panaya’s CloudQuality™ Suite (PCQ).  This is not only the 57th migration for Panaya, but a testament to the quality assurance PCQ brings organizations in their journey and successful completion to S/4HANA.  In this specific case, using PCQ, Hillarys was able to reduce their development work by 30 – 50% to help achieve their fast delivery. (more…)

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Oracle EBS Releases

**Insights powered by Panaya’s Crowd Wisdom Analytics

1. Only 9% of planned patch files actually get deployed

Most organizations strive to stay current with their patches and fixes. However, in reality only 9% of patch files will actually get to production mainly because of the fear of unknown. Not being able to anticipate Impact, time, effort and risk associated with change leads people to avoid change when possible


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