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Agile in Action – The R&D Experience

It takes an agile R&D team to build a fast paced super product. I’m a developer & Tech-Lead @ Panaya and finally found the time to blurb some words and not code.


Live Webinar: The Killer Practice for All SAP Changes

We have a powerful webinar for SAP application directors and their teams this month!


Breaking News – How to Get the Most out of SolMan with Panaya

Here at Panaya, we are huge fans of Solution Manager. It really is the “ERP of IT” – it takes care of change management, impact analysis and many other useful tasks. Many of our customers prefer to use Panaya Test Center for managing their testing activities, because our product has a killer UI, it orchestrates the testing process and other powerful capabilities.


Panaya is Victoria’s Secret to Faster and Better SAP Changes

Panaya is thrilled to welcome Victoria’s Secret, by way of Lbrands to Panaya’s growing list of “Faster and Better Changes for the Fortune 500.”


The “P” in Panaya is a Plosive – Deep Thoughts on B2B ERP Marketing

Ever wonder why certain brand names are unforgettable? Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Pioneer, and Panaya stick on your tongue like peanut butter. Why?


What Happens When Red Wine Meets SAP EHP7?

Torres is a 145 year old Spanish family owned wine growing company. The company has the most extensive vineyards in the Denomination of Origin of Penedès and is the largest winery in Spain. Torres wines are sold in more than 150 countries, with a yearly turnover of over 240 million euros.


Webinar: Why the ROI of ERP in the Cloud Will be Agility

ERP is beginning a slow journey to the cloud. We’re all curious and no one knows what the landscape will look like in 3 years. We asked cloud visionary David Linthicum to help us to better understand the enterprise cloud. I’ve seen some of David’s notes and can promise you a fascinating discussion!


Birth of the Almost Qualified Lead

The Almost Qualified Lead (“AQL”) is the latest innovation to come out of the Panaya marketing team. I hope the story of the birth of this new B2B best practice will inspire other high tech companies to continue to innovate.


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