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ForeSight you can:

  • Manage your migration to Flows from start to finish

    Find mapping, analysis, requirements, documentation, and testing all in one place.

  • Remove risk and uncertainty from the migration process

    Deploy to live knowing that there won’t be unintended consequences.

  • Foresee the impact of changes before you make them

    Scope the impact of planned changes and what you need to do to fix them.

  • Build for the future

    Make the most of your Salesforce Flow migration and create opportunities to innovate, renew processes, and reduce substantial development and planning costs.


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“I know that there is always a chance that incidents may happen in
Salesforce, you take risks, and you move forward. But Foresight is the one
tool that helps us mitigate these risks and ensure that we are not breaking
any existing functionality while delivering new functionality at pace.”
Scott Strong | Lead Architect Sales and Service | Stanley Black and Decker
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“After using ForeSight for a week, I was able to quickly
pull up what’s impacted and what needs to be looked
at in 5 seconds”
Daniel Kim | Salesforce Administrator | Achievers
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As Salesforce phase out Workforce Rules and Process Builder, Panaya ForeSight helps make sure your path to successful Salesforce Flow migration is as seamless as possible.

When your business grows, so does your Salesforce complexity – making it difficult to anticipate the impact of changes. Even small tweaks can create a ripple of unintended consequences– so a big migration to Flows contains potential issues.

But with ForeSight you can chart, plan and test your automations to eliminate risk and deliver stunning results for your business as you migrate to Salesforce Flow, all in lightning-quick time.

So if you’re a Salesforce admin or developer, take the first step towards a successful Flows migration today.