The S4HANA Momentum

S/4HANA Momentum bleibt trotz des Faktors “Angst” stark

Last month, Nucleus Research released a new report, the key finding of which was that 6 in 10 customers would not buy SAP again. A big statement. An even bigger statement was that 9 out of 10 customers would not even consider S / 4HANA. Heavily violent for a company that relies on these numbers to ensure future business growth.

With the bleak SAP headlines created by the Nucleus report, it was quite surprising to see SAP grow HANA. In fact, in the first quarter of 2016, SAP’s Business Suite 4 SAP HANA continued to enjoy increasing acceptance . Market Realist reported that SAP gained more than 500 new customers for S / 4HANA in the first fiscal quarter. They now boast more than 3,200 customers. In addition, the recommendations of Wall Street analysts were mostly „buys“ for the SAP share . And just today, SAP released a statement that the „SAP S / 4HANA momentum remains strong.“

So what does that mean for the Nucleus Report? Well, the report has definitely sparked a debate. However, SAP was behind an email statement to the press claiming that the report was flawed. Nucleus relied on intensive interviews with 40 of the more than 300,000 existing SAP customers, covering a wide range of applications. For this purpose, analysis data was taken from more than 200 companies that had evaluated SAP as a potential provider in the last six months. The report indicated that SAP would face quite tough times, both in moving existing customers to HANA and in attracting completely new customers. Customers with prior experience in SAP ERP seem less interested because they fear that switching will be complex and tedious.

From reports and discussions with customers, it is clear that the move to S / 4HANA will not be as easy as SAP claims. However, on the basis of the launch figures , we see that this impression will not prevent a company from migrating to S / 4HANA, whatever the challenges or fears.

In fact, companies are changing with careful planning, understanding and models and tools will see migration as a more successful process. And the benefits of S / 4HANA will in turn bring a success for the company. Companies will be able to create business models that will open up more digital opportunities, deliver personalized customer experiences, create digital value chains, and so much more.

S / 4HANA is a change that is going to happen. It is another step in the digital transformation many companies are making or even being driven to. Understanding how to better manage the transition and get the benefits of upgrading to S / 4HANA helps improve go-live time and reduce the cost of migration. Learn how to plan a smooth transition to S / 4HANA with hands -on recommendations and guidance to migrate to S / 4HANA efficiently and without risk. See  practical steps for a smooth transition to SAP S / 4HANA in this webinar recording .