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See and understand the impact of every potential change to your SAP, Oracle and Salesforce systems, so you innovate intelligently and without fear.

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change intelligence

With Change Intelligence, ERP Managers and CRM Admins see the potential change reaction of every upgrade, update or added feature. They know exactly what might break, what to fix and what to test — and even get accurate turn-by-turn directions to navigate any change, big or small.

Stay Two Steps
Ahead of Change

Preview how every potential change will play out across your entire ERP and CRM, so you’ll make sure that one incorrectly formatted field won’t take down your entire global system.

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Test Smarter,
Release Sooner

Fix, Test, Deploy. With precise, risk-based test management, your teams see exactly what to fix, how to fix it, and what to test. That way, you release higher quality software in a fraction of the time and budget.

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Panaya is your trusted partner for change. From planning, to scoping, to testing, all the way to deployment, Panaya’s sea of data and advanced ML algorithms guide you through the entire change journey as it happens. With Change Intelligence, innovation becomes second nature, so you change fearlessly today and far into the future.

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Eliminate Risk

Gain perfect visibility into every potential risk before you deploy. So you confidently move forward without worrying about taking giant steps backwards.

Release Faster

With precise software sizing and effort estimation, you stop endlessly planning your next upgrade or migration and just get it done.

Reduce Costs

Stop overspending on those major upgrade projects. When you’re two steps ahead of change, you cross the finish line in a fraction of the effort, budget and manpower.

Vendor Solutions

Panaya SaaS solutions for SAP ECC upgrades or S/4HANA migration based on real-time risk assessment enabling rapid planning and testing cycles.

Save cost, time and resources with real-time, pre-development impact analysis and risk-based testing for EBS upgrade, patching and customizations.

Transform from calculated guesswork to data-based decision making. Foresee the impact of every Salesforce change and resolve risk ahead of time.

Recognized Leader by G2Tools for ERP
Enterprise Test Management Software

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“Great tool so you don’t break anything!”

“Save time and money when upgrading SAP systems”

“Panaya is an awesome tool!”

Hear From
Our customers

“It was like moving from a telegraph to a smartphone.”

“If we had not [tested] with Panaya, we probably would’ve spent 70% more time, and money both.”

“With Panaya, I find that it’s much easier to set up testing projects. The time it takes to get the project set up and allocate it to its users has shortened significantly.”

“With Panaya ForeSight, we are able to completely automate impact analysis, and that is helping us reduce our lead time as well as proving more accurate details on what is the impact and reducing manual effort”

“Thanks to Panaya, project planning was so accurate, we were able to assign tests even before corrections.”

“With Panaya, you don’t spend time emailing back and forth with the tester to get additional information. Once the defect is resolved, the tester is notified by Panaya that the issue is resolved and ready for them to retest.”


“Panaya gives me a complete snapshot of our testing in real-time with a user friendly dashboard look and feel.”

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