How to Clean Your Salesforce Org in 6 Steps

A free DIY Series for Salesforce Admins

Part #1: Business Processes - Reviewing Organization Management

Before you watch the episode, make sure you download the part #1 how-to workbook guide

Salesforce starts simple, but over time business requirements evolve and clutter seeps into your Salesforce, turning efficiency to complexity.

Join our series, hosted by Salesforce MVP, David Giller. Learn how to eliminate the clutter, remove the distractions and help your team work more efficiently in Salesforce.

Part #1 
Business Processes – Reviewing organization management

Part #2
Users & Roles – Who sees what?

Part #3
Data architecture – What’s this mess?

Part #4
Integrations, apps & syncs – Where are these records coming from?

Part #5
Data Cleanup – Take out the trash

Part #6
User Interface – Simplify the screens

In this Salesforce DIY Series you will learn a simple and easy-to-follow methodology


Gain a better understanding of your current Salesforce configuration


Identify features and functionality users need to do their jobs in Salesforce

Gain Better

Understand data visibility and sharing rules appropriate for various team members

Salesforce Objects

Unravel existing Salesforce objects, record types, fields, validation rules and more

Evaluate Third-
Party Apps

Understand third-party apps and integrations and who is expected to be using them

Uncover Duplicate

Review your data to uncover duplicates, half-baked records, abandoned, or dormant records

Remove the

Review user interface to remove clutter within lists, and fields to redesign your screens

Discover Salesforce change delivery
risks before they impact

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