Salesforce Change Delivery

Moving from Calculated Guesswork to Release Certainty

30-Minute On-Demand Webinar

Do you feel like you drive blindfolded with every Salesforce system change you make? Do you wait by the phone, dreading the calls of missing reports, broken workflows and who knows what?

What if there was a way to manage Salesforce change with certainty?

Join this 30-minute webinar to see how Panaya ForeSight takes you from calculated guesswork to Salesforce release certainty with:

  • A detailed summary of entities impacted by: daily modifications, scheduled releases or major projects.
  • A list of development and customisation tasks, derived from project scope and assigned to team members.
  • Test plan scoping according to impacted entry points.
  • Continuous risk assessment and multidimensional views of potential risks.

Resolve potential change delivery risk and ensure the quality of your Salesforce org.

High level scoping impact summary

Gain an immediate view and an informed estimate of the potential impact of change including testing efforts.

Auto-generated list of impacted components

Pinpoint your development needs with an accurate view of code change highlights, usage rating, dates, and touchpoints to external applications.

Achieve Salesforce Release Certainty