Making Change a Natural Part of Your Business

Change is a risky
. Especially
when it comes to core
applications such as
ERP that require
continuous upgrades
and improvements -
creating a constant
state of risk.

But when you shine a
light on the actual
impact any change
will have on your ERP,
you can avoid the
pitfalls and change
without risking
your business.

When Impact Analysis
is done right,
it shows
you the full impact of
any change you make
before you make it, so
your business can move
forward without taking
any steps backward.

In just 48 hours, Panaya’s
AI-based Impact Analysis
generates a
comprehensive project
plan based on your
customization and usage
with all the required
tasks to go live with

Panaya Mega Analysis
for S/4HANA Migration

Panaya's Change Intelligence AI platform ran Change Impact Analysis on hundreds of systems

  • The amount of required fixes based on your system size
  • The common types of conversion tasks
  • Modules most impacted by the conversion
  • Potential scope savings using smart scoping

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