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ForeSight Change Intelligence

ROI Calculator

ForeSight Change Intelligence brings real-time insights related to the Salesforce org. This enables Salesforce professionals to increase the agility and scalability of their application development efforts, resulting in improved business outcomes and operational efficiencies. Consequently, the organization benefits from more timely, functional, and robust business applications.

  • Productivity and Agility$0
  • Quality and relaibility$0
  • Performance$0
  • Efficiency and proficiency$0

Additional savings

  • Optimizing planning%
  • Faster onboarding%

When I started, I had no idea where things were… It was taking
average 30 min to 3 hrs. With ForeSight, I was able to quickly
pull up what’s impacted and what needs to be looked at in
5 seconds.

Daniel Kim | Salesforce Administrator, Achievers

Faster Developments


We estimate that will save up to $0 annually by optimizing SFDC development efforts, reducing the business requests backlog and matching the pace of the business requirements.

Risk Mitigation


We estimate that can save up to $0 annually by mitigating development risks. Your organization can significantly reduce productivity losses and potential business losses caused by errors and bugs in production.

Technical Debt


We estimate that can save up to $0 annually by reducing technical debt and fixing performance issues that lead to users’ frustration and reduction in productivity.

Salesforce Team


We estimate that can save up to $0 annually, by eliminate the need to manually investigate potential scenarios of impact and enabling the team to focus on their projects, while allowing better planning and incident management. 

Additional Savings

Improved planning


Understanding in advance the consequences and effort needed for each development, will minimize the time invested on unplanned work and rework by %

It will also provide a more accurate estimation of Salesforce’s operational costs.

Faster onboarding


Since Salesforce is a highly customizable platform, onboarding a new team member can be a challenging process, as it takes a long time to really to learn the org. We estimate that ForeSight will decrease the onboarding time by %