SAP TECHED Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain |  October 8-10, 2019

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SAP Teched 2019 is your chance to learn about all you can gain from the latest SAP technology because accelerated software change is driving the world and your job. And while changes to your SAP application bring the benefit of innovation, any SAP change risks breaking critical business processes vital to your daily business.

Connect with Panaya at TechEd Barcelona 2019  to learn how you can get ahead by ensuring fast and safe changes to your SAP application, with real-time change risk analysis and SAP risk-based testing. Get a hands-on demo to see how you can accelerate all SAP vendor and business-driven changes, while reducing 35%-50% of the effort and ensuring SAP application quality.

Also, if SAP S/4HANA is on your mind, Check out Prepping for Your Journey to S/4HANA – How-To Guide and learn how we can ease your journey so that you ensure quicker return on your technology investments.

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