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 〉 Amsterdam, March 7
 〉 Boston, April 3
NY, May 7, Booth #115
 〉 London, May 23
 〉 Paris, June 27
 〉 Tokyo, December (TBD)

Release Dynamix for Salesforce

Salesforce Changes. 50% Faster. 100% Safer.

Panaya at Salesforce World Tour

Salesforce World Tour is all about connecting to customers in a new way, driving innovation and leading the path toward success. 

The more complex Salesforce orgs, the more difficult it becomes to implement any new changes and projects. Meet us at the Salesforce World Tours to learn how Release Dynamix for Salesforce automatically uncovers all change dependencies, and areas of impact of each of those entities so that you can quickly discover and resolve change impact risks before releasing to production.

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Reduce Change Delivery Costs by 30%-50% - Risk Free!
The Panaya Story

Use Panaya’s online impact analysis and testing platform to be more responsive to your business users, while eliminating the risk of go-live errors. As Salesforce Orgs increase in complexity, the quantity of interdependent objects increases in depth and breadth. 

This poses an immense challenge to developers and administrators, who are tasked with implementing changes at the speed of business. Seemingly simple, declarative changes, can cause an unintentional ripple effect across a Salesforce environment, impacting areas you may not even be aware of. Unintended go-live risk increases as more and more people add functionality into your org, including third parties.

Panaya’s solution provides real time analyses of scoped components. Users get an immediate assessment of the complexity of any proposed change. They’re able to track any development task or overall project status, and assign tasks to team members. Panaya wraps this powerful technology with built-in test and defect management capabilities.


Does your Salesforce org need a bit of spring cleaning? Based on our latest video series with MVP David Giller, we have created the ultimate guide on how to declutter your Salesforce org.

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