DevOps Continuous Transformation [Heliview]

Arnhem NL |  June 4, 2019

DevOps’19 brings IT professionals together who want to accelerate innovation within their organization. Culture and tools can be the most important ingredients for a successful DevOps Transformation.

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Bringing Continuous Delivery into the Enterprise
with Panaya Release Dynamix

Value Stream Management (VSM) helps organizations implementing Agile-plus-DevOps to better understand the value you deliver, efficiencies gained and how best to optimize your delivery pipeline. Organizations need solutions to help manage the business value of the demand streams within the pipeline.
Gain value from VSM with Release Dynamix Enterprise Agile Delivery solution enabling enterprises to adopt modern ALM and quickly and safely deliver application changes from ideation to realization.

Hosted by Zinette Ezra, Director of Product Management at Panaya

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