Panaya S/4Assess 

A Tailored, End-To-End S/4HANA® System Conversion
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The Challenges of Migrating to S/4HANA

Migrating to SAP S/4HANA is not like any typical SAP ECC upgrade. it requires a deep understanding of the business and technical impacts as well as updated skillsets and business strategies. Getting on the right track requires pre-checks, evaluations and assessment.

IT professionals need to implement not only the technical upgrade of S/4HANA but also the required customizations, which necessitate an intensive amount of business collaboration and software delivery.

How Panaya Can Help

Panaya S/4Assess Covers All Your Activities Across All Migration Phases

S/4Assess Diagram

Panaya S/4Assess enables you to fully grasp the scope of S/4HANA impact on your existing business processes. Understand the challenges ahead and the priorities of effort. Learn how to save time on your migration project, while minimizing risk to your day-to-day business processes.


S/4HANA Assessment

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