Panaya Corporate Fact Sheet

Bringing the Promise of Agility to Enterprise IT

Panaya is the leader in continuous delivery of innovation to the world of enterprise IT applications. With Panaya, IT and Business leaders can accelerate and promote change so that enterprise applications meet the rising pace of today’s business.

We provide a cloud based Enterprise Agile Delivery platform that includes test management, test automation and application lifecycle management solutions. Ensuring visibility and collaboration between Business and IT, Panaya enables faster release velocity while ensuring quality.

Enabling the Agile Enterprise

Enterprise Agile Delivery Platform

Panaya provides a unique processcentric approach to application life cycle management with Panaya Release Dynamix (RDx), a cloud-based enterprise agile delivery platform. From initial business change request through to testing and production, Panaya delivers the value of agile, continuous delivery to the world of enterprise applications.

End-to-End Testing

Panaya Test Dynamix is a test acceleration platform that helps organizations accelerate and standardize packaged application testing without compromising on scope or quality. By encompassing the needs of all stakeholders and integrating standardized testing processes for both technical IT and Business users, Panaya reduces overall testing effort by 30-50%. Powered by machine learning capabilities, Panaya Autonomous Testing for SAP eliminates the pains associated with creating and maintaining manually engineered scripts and enables zero-touch test case creation and maintenance.

Delivery Impact and Risk Mitigation

Panaya utilizes real-time code analysis of your SAP, Oracle and Salesforce application to predict the full impact of change before implementation. Providing actionable insights into impacted transactions, Panaya ensures that impacted areas have test coverage before the changes are made.






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Panaya’s customer base spans over 1600 enterprises worldwide, including over 220 of the Fortune 500 companies. There are more than 300 Panaya Test Center customers and over 50 ALM replacements across various markets including Utilities, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure and Services.

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