Eaton Lowers Testing Time by 30% with Panaya


Eaton is a power management company with 2015 sales of $20.9 billion, 96,000 employees worldwide, and sales in over 175 countries. The company provides energy-efficient solutions that help its customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably.


Approximately 20 Eaton EBS key users support Eaton’s daily Oracle EBS Human Capital Management System (HCM) transactions. Eaton constantly tests and implements patches to keep its HCM system up to date with legislative patches.

Donna Garcia, who takes a lead role managing HCM system upgrades, ensuring that key users perform tests on time, log and resolve defects, noted:

“For years, we’ve been manually distributing test scripts and scenarios to our key users. On top of that, we had limited visibility on testing progress – making ‘point in time’ testing status difficult to gage.”

EATON Case Study - Oracle EBS Upgrade

“Since standardizing on Panaya, we are continuously saving 30% in testing time. And that’s not all – I have a real-time snapshot of our testing. I know exactly where each project is, the progress of each and every tester. I just login to Panaya to see everything – from the big picture all the way to the drill-down view.”

Donna Garcia,  
HR Technology Specialist at Eaton


Eaton standardized on Panaya and Donna Garcia and team are not looking back.
Eaton decided to boost their manual testing by leveraging Panaya. With Panaya, Eaton enjoys 100% real-time dashboard visibility of the testing process, and test scenarios can be pulled from a library for easy reuse. Moreover, the EBS team can leverage change analytics in order to determine which patched objects are being used and which are not.


Eaton is saving 30% on testing time and for the first time, On their HR Roll Up Patches (RUPs), Eaton managed to reduce project timeframe from six months’ calendar time to three months’ calendar time.

Bottom Line

Panaya took Eaton from manual testing to attended automated testing. Eaton Powers Up Oracle EBS RUPs and Testing with Panaya.

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