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What the New Panaya Logo Means to You!

by | July 1, 2014


What the New Panaya Logo Means to You!

Panaya has a fresh, new logo and we’re so excited to tell you all about it!

New Panaya Logo

The New Panaya Logo

Take a good look at our new logo. To the left of the familiar “PANAYA” name is a very symbolic triangle comprised of three dots. The blue dot represents the IT Organization and the red represents the Business.

Your IT Organization is responsible for adopting and developing technologies to foster business growth. The Business is responsible for growing the business and driving innovation. There is a natural tension between the two and relations can play out like a modern day version of Middle Age jousting. Business can be very demanding of IT; expectations are that technology should appear out of thin air. The scariest three words for Business are “tech takes time.”

As amazing as they are, IT Organizations struggle to keep up with business demands; they are tasked with balancing quality, cost and time to market. Life in an IT Organization can be like the punishment of King Sisyphus – endlessly rolling a boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll down. Technology product lifecycles are getting shorter while Business expectations are growing exponentially.

This is where Panaya comes in.

We bridge the gap between IT and Business and put you at the optimal point. Our goal is to enable you to shift your focus from maintenance to innovation. Isn’t that what you originally set out to do?!

Panaya is the top sky blue dot. The sky is the limit when you use our Quality Management Cloud.

The Panaya Quality Management Cloud platform is powered by “‘Cloud Wisdom,” a crystal ball which enables your business to benefit from the collective intelligence derived from thousands of projects using Panaya’s data mining technology, translating common practices into best practices.

Panaya’s Cloud Wisdom gives you a competitive advantage that you can’t afford to pass up on.

Connecting the dots isn’t just a childhood game. The key components of the Panaya Quality Management Cloud, such as Change Impact Simulation, Automated Code Remediation, Collaborative Test Management, ALM Integrations and Cloud Wisdom, will accelerate the delivery of SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite and Salesforce application changes. This is how Panaya connects IT and business.

Now that you know, what are you waiting for? Read our whitepaper now!