The Ideal Testing Solution: Key Capabilities You Are Probably Missing

It’s 2018: How to Get Test Management Working for You and Stop Working for It

Is your organization constantly worried about the delivery of innovation and meeting the demands of enterprise agility? To help your organization stay ahead of the curve, you’ll need to choose the right testing solution.

A recent report based on a Spiceworks survey demonstrates that while priorities, methodology and strategy are aligned to support the demand for shorter release cycles – QA and testing solutions fall short. The report also uncovered some of the key trends currently underpinning the testing solutions industry as well as some of the gaps.

Use the Right Testing Methodology

In this latest eBook, we’ve applied insights from the SpiceWorks survey to address those challenges faced by test managers today – the need for increased visibility, control, standardization, and automation of manual processes. With the right testing methodology, test managers can ensure rapid change delivery to drive innovation without having to compromise on scope or quality.

Test Management isn’t Just About Organizing Testing

Organizations today need a test acceleration solution to organize, measure and manage testing cycles – and the many stakeholders often involved – without having to compromise on scope or quality.

More Reasons to Read This Report:

Choosing the right testing solution can make all the difference in ensuring your organization stays ahead of the curve.

The report explores:

  • Business process centricity: meeting the demands of enterprise agility
  • Visibility and collaboration: making room for multiple stakeholders
  • Workflow and process automation: expanding the scope of automation
  • Testing that mirrors production: connecting the business with IT
  • Agile test management & acceleration: getting test management to work for you (and not you for it!)

Download the eBook, The Ideal Testing Solution: Key Capabilities You Are Probably Missing for more insights into testing best practices and how the right solution can help your organization drive innovation.

The Ideal Test Management Solution