Here’s what you need to do to complete your testing campaign on time

Today more than ever, the security of an IT development depends on testing.

And testing is a bottleneck.

Why is this? Simply because a good testing campaign is one that involves everyone, including business users whose main activity is not testing!

The challenge is to combine business and non-business testers in a single testing campaign. To do this, you need to find the right testing tool. There are many tools on the market. Most of them are very good, but far too technical to be used by everyone. On the other hand, the Panaya solution has been designed for business testers and offers a simple and ergonomic approach. A platform that is intuitive enough to allow you to start the test campaign without delay is the first key to avoiding any delay!

The tool you are going to use must also be advanced enough and with enough added value to accelerate the execution of the test campaign itself. Ideally, you should be able to automate all the ‘administrative’ tasks to accelerate and focus on the test itself.

Panaya’s native functionalities such as automatic notification of the tester or automatic documentation of the proof of test allow accelerating the execution of a test. Hence, the tester can concentrate only on his test activity, which often corresponds to an action he is used to performing. The time related to the test is optimized!

Another advantage of this automatic documentation is to have a detailed record of how the business processes are used or to give the developers all the elements they need to reproduce a defect.

Finally, to ensure that a test campaign is completed on time, it is necessary to monitor the progress of the tests precisely and in real-time. Panaya being a SaaS platform, all testers work on the same platform, and all tests are centralized in the same place.

It is therefore very simple for the test manager to have a clear vision of the progress of the test campaign, to follow its KPIs, or even manage defects. He knows at any time where he is in his project and has all the elements to act or alert if necessary.

In conclusion, Panaya is the perfect tool to ensure that your test campaigns are completed on time:

  • Its simple and quick access platform allows all stakeholders to appropriate the benefits of the solution
  • Test execution is optimized because the testers focus only on their tests, have access to all the information they need in real-time, and do not need to waste time with side activities such as documentation and test evidence
  • The test manager has real-time access to the status of the entire test campaign for all test cycles and can track their own metrics

And wouldn’t the icing on the cake for a test manager be the ability to read the future and know if his test campaign will finish on time?

This is also one of the many features of Panaya Test Dynamix. By analyzing how tests are performed today, Panaya can estimate whether deadlines will be met.

Be proactive and give yourself the power to anticipate risks!

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