The Ultimate Guide to ERP, SAP and Oracle EBS News

Where do you get your daily dose of ERP, SAP and Oracle EBS news? You can’t rely on the usual suspects – the NY Times and Washington Post are busy covering the boring news and ignore the exciting world of ERP.

Extra, extra, read all about ERP!
Extra, extra, read all about ERP!

When print news becomes trendy again, someone should start an “ERP Daily News” print edition. Until then, you should rely on these sources to keep up with breaking ERP news!

Diginomica – Diginomica covers ERP, B2B, enterprise and everything in between. Jon Reed and the rest of the Diginomica team are well-versed in ERP. The site focuses on the analysis that you won’t read anywhere else. If you want to keep up with the most important ERP news and trends, add Diginomica to your ERP bookmarks.

CIO – You don’t have to be a CIO to benefit from Policy and best practices are the name of the game. Some of the most influential writers and “ERP trendsetters” (now that sounds like an interesting gig!) write for

ZDNet – ZDNet began as a news service on CompuServe (10 points if you remember logging into CompuServe in the early 90s). It evolved into the mother of all enterprise news sites. ERP isn’t the only item on the menu at ZDNet, which is a good thing – you won’t miss anything big in the SAP and Oracle ecosystem, in addition to all things enterprise.

IT World – IT World is the perfect news site for hardcore IT and ERP fanboys. They cover SAP with the same depth that the Washington Post covers political scandals.

SAP on Google News – We close this list with an obscure site called “Google”. You may not know it, but Google has an incredible feature that lets you search for everything under the sun. Run a search for “SAP” and bookmark it and you’ll be good to go. Rumor has it that Google offers email and a few other web services.

Oracle EBS on Google News – For those rare weeks when Time Magazine doesn’t run cover stories on Oracle EBS, a search for “Oracle EBS” in Google News will deliver the goods.

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