S/4HANA Survey Reveals: Major Roadblocks on the Path to S/4HANA

We just completed a recent crowd wisdom survey with over 200 SAP managers from enterprises around the world. They generously shared their input on where they are in their S/4HANA adoption and journey.


The survey revealed an astonishing reality – while the majority of enterprises have S/4HANA in their near future strategy, most have no idea on why or how to get there!

Over 51% of organizations have already committed to the move to S/4HANA, yet 69% of these companies still lack a business case and a good reason for migration.


Out of those committed to S/4HANA, 35% remain undecided on the right implementation approach. While SAP recommends re-implementation (greenfield approach), the majority is reluctant to attempt this approach and prefers a gradual, cost effective implementation methodology (brownfield approach).


S/4HANA adoption will peak in 2020 with ~45% aiming to go live with S/4HANA at this point in time.


See the infographic below for full details on the survey. 

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S4HANA Infographic