Panaya Testing Principles

Panaya Testing Principles

ERP Testing is complex. I present you Panaya’s testing principles. Share, print and learn from our experience!

Our ERP Testing principles

Knowledge transfer from Business to IT

Main Problems:

  • Common use and way of use of the system is kept within the business users
  • IT isn’t necessarily aware of all the complete business processes that exist in the system
  • In many cases, different transactions are used than the regular mainstream transactions
  • Different functionaries are involved in every business process which in many cases IT doesn’t know

Value: Allow IT to build the exact knowledge base of the REAL use of the system, to be tested during the project and ready to be tested in future projects (regression etc.).

Regression suite establishment and re-use

Main Principles:

  • Map and build the crucial business process testing suite within the first project
  • Re-use the testing assets in future projects andor periodical releases
  • Enrich the suite within every new project with new business processes and tests
  • Easily edit existing regression tests

Value: Keep your vital and most important business processes tested with every change with minimal effort (accelerated manual testing process).

Testing every change including periodical releases

Main Principles:

  • Don’t manage tests efforts just in major projects or compelling events
  • Scope and test relevant and impacted objects also during periodical releases
  • Get info and knowledge about your changes’ status between systems in a stream
  • Build a release methodology to be enforced within IT

Value: Allow IT to focus on planned major projects and releases and not on daily changes to production and problem solving due to changes implemented without accurate tests.

Keep the communication between the testers easy

Main Principles:

  • Easy and automatic communication between different testers of the same business process
  • Avoid emails, calls and endless status meetings in order to coordinate the testing phase
  • Get clear and simple status on the spot with rich dashboards and reports
  • Allow transparency of the project status, accessible to all the projects’ participants
  • Identify and solve immediately any issue to accelerate the testing process

Value: Minimize idle time and save precious time of the testers, especially for the business key users. Shorten drastically your testing time and effort during every project.

Panaya Blog Editor’s Note: Read more about our ERP testing principles at Panaya Success Center.

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