Panaya is Going “Beyond Limits” – Why, How, & What it Means for You

by | March 31, 2014

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Panaya is Going “Beyond Limits” – Why, How, & What it Means for You

It’s been an exciting month for the Panaya team!  We kicked off March with a high-flying event in a stunning location. Our R&D headquarters in Israel became an international arena as Panaya employees from Japan, Latin America, Europe, and the USA flew in for the sales kick off.

Although the sales kick-off is an annual event, our staff had an extra special reason for flying halfway across the world this time. 2014 is the year that Panaya will go ‘Beyond Limits’ and this month’s event signified our official launch.


 “Beyond Limits” – What Does This Mean?

Panaya envisages a future without limits. We are taking away our boundaries; we started out as a niche solution for SAP and Oracle in 2007 but now, seven years later, we’re able to offer an extensive solution for a much wider audience.

We believe that there are no limits to where we go in the future so stay tuned! Subscribe to our blog to stay on top of our news. 


An Inspirational and Innovative Story

Panaya invited Nirit Hurwitz, SodaStream’s Global Brand Building Communications Manager, to be the keynote speaker at this year’s event.

Panaya Event - Oracle & SAP

SodaStream’s Nirit Hurwitz at Panaya’s Sales Kick-Off

Why SodaStream? As a niche player that has managed to successfully compete in an established market with big names like Coca Cola and Pepsi, SodaStream is a big inspiration for us. What’s more, SodaStream’s success has been built on the same attributes that make Panaya great: innovation, creativity, and a ‘can do’ attitude.

SodaStream is making a difference by offering an option that’s healthier, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly than its competitors.

Panaya is also making a difference. We’re offering a solution that makes IT changes faster, cheaper, and a higher quality than ever before.

Watch this video of Amnon Drori, Panaya’s VP of Worldwide Sales, from our sales kick-off and see what our vision to go “Beyond Limits” means for you.


I encourage you to see Panaya’s Beyond Limits vision for yourself by visiting!