Panaya Education Blog – August Edition

by | August 17, 2015

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Panaya Education Blog – August Edition

It has been a couple of months since the release of the new version of the Panaya CloudQuality Suite, and I have already had the opportunity to educate (SAP / Oracle) quite a few customers about the updated look and feel as well as the new functionality within the product.

Panaya's Light Bulb Moments!

Panaya’s Light Bulb Moments!

One of the key areas that has been well received is the fact that Panaya can now provide insights about all of the changes that IT departments are grappling with in their ERP systems, and not just the “bigger” projects that happen less regularly. This was especially evident at a manufacturing customer I visited in the US, where, although the main focus was planning and executing a major SAP EHP upgrade project, many of the attendees highlighted that they were also heavily involved in smaller changes that were happening at the same time. Having the ability to evaluate and re-use testing assets (SAP / Oracle) from one change to the next, regardless of the project that they were used for, provided them with a strong foundation for accelerating the introduction of smaller changes in their system.

Another “light-bulb” moment for me personally, was how the simple things in Panaya’s solutions can have the biggest impact. It is often forgotten that there are many functional experts and business users who are still struggling with print screen tools when documenting test evidence for important business processes. In fact, when I ask participants at workshops, “what are your main Testing challenges?” the number 1 pick is invariably documentation. As a result, when they had a chance to Run & Document (SAP / Oracle) using Panaya, thereby capturing all of their activity both within and outside of the ERP just by following the process as they would normally – they got the light-bulb as well!

As part of the new Panaya CloudQuality version, the Education team here at Panaya also developed and introduced a new Success Center providing a one-stop-shop for all your Panaya training and support needs. It includes both an intelligent Search function to get answers to your questions, or Getting Started/My Role areas to learn about getting up to speed with Panaya.

Take a look, and you can find detailed descriptions of the features that the customers I have visited are getting excited about!