The Future of ERP Automation is Already Here

by | March 4, 2015

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The Future of ERP Automation is Already Here

Hold on tight, ERP is about to change! The slow, manual-intensive world of ERP is on its way out.

The Future of ERP Automation
The Future of ERP Automation

ERP Managers Pace the Corridors Like Generals

The ERP of old was an analog ecosystem living in a digital world. Like a factory from the 1930s, every change had to be checked manually. Changes were measured in months (and sometimes quarters!) and both IT and business users had to put aside their high expectations and standards for a user experience that was worse than Atari BASIC.

When it came time to make changes to your company’s ERP system, maps filled your conference war room and ERP managers paced through the corridors like generals heading into war.

ERP changes were a battle, fought one line of custom code at a time.

The Future of Application Automation is Here

You no longer have to wait – the future of application automation is here. Preparing for a change by checking custom and standard code line-by-line is like putting a cassette into your Blu-ray player.

Thanks to the wonder of the cloud, you no longer need to waste time looking for needles in the haystack.

The 3 technology pillars of ERP acceleration are: 

  1. System discovery enables you to create a baseline that highlights whether you are ready for your upcoming change, and how you can build a plan to be better prepared (“change ready”).
  2. Run time simulation is a cutting-edge technology that simulates how your system will “digest” (accept and handle) your upcoming change.
  3. User interaction analysis – Built from the ground up for packaged applications, this ensures the quality of your change via capturing and accelerating your testing process.

The pillars of ERP acceleration bring the following capabilities:

  • Change Simulation enables you to know what will fail.
  • Smart Scoping is the result of “ERP crowd wisdom”. A large pool of ERP change data can help you to prioritize tests and suggest fixes. No less important is the “wisdom” accrued from your ERP system, mainly usage and past history.
  • Optimized Testing is what you get when you take your testing beyond the spreadsheet! Today, there is new technology that allows you to create, run, log and test your scripts. ERP testing is moving from analog to digital, making it easier than ever for key users to run tests without “getting technical”, and allowing developers to instantly begin working on defects.
  • Reporting is another way of saying “100% visibility”. You need to know everything that is going on during your ERP change.

Take these capabilities, cook them together, and you have the future of ERP acceleration! ERP managers and CIOs – raise your expectations. The promise of tomorrow’s ERP acceleration is here today.






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