Find out who your top users are

by | May 9, 2016

Find out who your top users are

IT is in charge of making ERP changes, but they aren’t the end users.

Find out who your top users are

Find out who your top users are

Panaya analyzes your SAP changes and still, every once in a while, Panaya will find an impact on SAP standard or even custom functionalities (e.g. transactions, reports) that are marked as used by business users. However, no one in IT knows how the users are actually using them in order to test it and test it right.

Business users are the ones who using the features and who understand how it works. But they are working in different departments – maybe even different countries.

When there is a change in the system, who can actually verify that the post-change-behavior is correct? Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could identify the people who actually rely on the feature?

Now you can!

Now, you can identify the top twenty users that use the T-Codes! Next time around, leverage Panaya test player to capture the knowledge of these users, offload your testing effort, and enhance your test catalogue.

This way, you can ask the top users to test the functionality. Panaya will automatically record how the actual users who depend on the functionality use it. This is stored in a reusable test repository.

Next time there is a change, the business users don’t have to be bothered (but still have the confidence to know that the change meets their business needs).  The test can be run automatically – based on actual usage and the behavior of your top users.

Now, you can be confident that the functionality meets the needs of those who use it most.


Identify the top 20 users within Panaya

Now you can identify the top twenty users within Panaya so you can have the right people test the right things.