Getting the SiliconANGLE from Panaya

by | June 2, 2016


Getting the SiliconANGLE from Panaya

At SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW event, recently held in Orlando, there was a lot of buzz about how the digital transformation is affecting enterprise organizations and ensuring that IT, and in particular ERP systems such as SAP, do not act as a bottleneck for business-driven innovation.

While at SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference, Panaya’s Executive Vice President, Gaby Koren, sat down with SiliconANGLE to discuss the roadmap to digital transformation.

In the era of constant change, the old ways of business don’t work. Because ERP is a changing at a rapid pace, Koren said, “The pain we are trying to address is the fact that the change is constant in ERP. ERP is never an island or an isolated solution, and it always changes the core of a lot of the businesses that we meet.”

As ERP systems are complex and customized, everyone’s needs are different and significant custom work is needed to maintain the pace of changes (including changes from other vendors and satellite systems).

As IT Business Edge summarized Panaya’s approach to ERP Agility, the idea is to leverage SaaS-based architectures and a high degree of customization to incorporate change as a core element of the ERP suite. This helps organizations better handle the changing workflows and business processes that arise in a collaborative, service-based environment.


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