SAP Rollout Lessons

CIO Series – Critical SAP Rollout Lessons from Around the World

Imagine all of the experience that a CIO or VP IT gains from performing Rollouts all around the world. Haim Rozow was involved in over a dozen SAP Rollouts during his career. Some of his stories include:

• The Los Angeles startup, after go live, refused to actually *use* their new SAP system and report goods going in and out of the warehouse.
• The Vietnam plant that had world class good ERP habits.
• The French and German offices that didn’t want to move to SAP. What powerful Rollout lesson did Mr. Rozow learn along the way?

Learn a total of 6 Rollout lessons in this one-of-a-kind webinar. As a teaser, here is #2:

Rollout Lesson #2

Be on the lookout for “worst practices” that will disrupt your Rollout! Watch out for employees not using the ERP system. Make sure the ERP team is well staffed.

What are the other 5 SAP Rollout Lessons From Around the World?

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