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Panaya is Taking the Salesforce World Tour: Join us!

by | March 28, 2018

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Panaya is Taking the Salesforce World Tour: Join us!

The Salesforce World Tour is on its way. What’s in store for Salesforce professionals? If you’re looking to deliver system changes with speed and quality, then don’t miss your chance to stop by the Panaya booth.


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World Tour is all about connecting to customers in a new way, driving innovation and leading the path toward success. If you are a biz app manager, responsible for ensuring timely and quality delivery of innovation and change to your system – don’t miss the chance to hear firsthand about Panaya Release Dynamix (RDx) for



From calculated guesswork to destination certainty

Following our debut at Dreamforce in November, we are continuing our journey to support Salesforce professionals in making informed production decisions. How? RDx for ensures visibility into change dependencies and pinpoints impacted areas so you can easily foresee and resolve your risks. Panaya RDx for is the only solution today that offers an innovative approach to risk mitigation and QA, so you can deliver Salesforce change projects with speed and quality.


To learn more and see a demo, stop by the Panaya booth at the following World Tour events:

  • Amsterdam: April 12th
  • Toronto: May 3rd
  • Paris: May 17th
  • London: June 6th
  • Hanover: June 12-15th


If you are attending Toronto World Tour on May 3rd, don’t miss our session “Removing the Risk of [email protected] to hear firsthand how Panaya is revolutionizing change delivery for Salesforce professionals. To experience a live demo of Panaya RDx for, come by the Panaya booth.


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