Salesforce Community Superstar

[Personality Quiz] What Type of Salesforce Community Super Star Are You?

We all know those special individuals in the Salesforce community who go above and beyond. It is because of these many superstars that the Salesforce community is unmatched in the commitment and dedication of its members. We wanted to know what it takes to become a salesforce superstar, so we surveyed some of the big salesforce personalities in the community and discovered there is no one type.


Our goal was to find patterns through the many ways Salesforce members contribute to the community in terms of their:

  • Daily habits
  • Personal learning preferences
  • Ways they enjoyed contributing to the community
  • Personal Values
  • and Experience

What kind of Salesforce community superstar are you?

Take our short quiz to find out:

  • Which of the 4 main personality types you fall under
  • Why your type is so critical to the Salesforce ecosystem
  • How many other Salesforce community members have the same type as you



Want to see how other trailblazers responded? Check out our report from the initial quiz results to see how you compare with your peers. Check out fun behavioral trends and how different personality types contribute to the Salesforce community.