The Dreamforce Session that Can’t be Missed (Just In Case You Happen to Customize SFDC)

by | October 23, 2017

The Dreamforce Session that Can’t be Missed (Just In Case You Happen to Customize SFDC)

Dreamforce is the epicenter of learning and innovation for your Salesforce experience. With over 400 partners and thousands of solutions to discover, you can amplify the power of Salesforce for greater customer experiences. And isn’t Salesforce all about customer experience? Even yours.


Easily Customizable – Is That a Good Thing?

Easily customizable, quick to change and good looking, Salesforce is spreading through business teams and larger organizations.  Hence your journey to Dreamforce, on one hand…


On the other hand, this scale or systems’ growth presents a dilemma. All your teams want to use Salesforce in some way, integrate new apps, see specific report, etc. So as time goes by and you make daily changes customizing Salesforce more and more to support your ever-evolving business processes, your system’s complexity grows. Reports, dashboards, workflows, validation rules and formulas begin to stack up.


Many of you have experienced the old story; the business requires a change to the system. You perform the change quickly and easily, only to realize that, Uh, oh… formulas’ logic was altered, validation rules don’t validate what they should, workflows don’t fire when they should, some reports and dashboards are now broken. By the time you manually go through your system‘s countless components to find and fix these errors, management is making wrong decisions based on wrong data in dashboards, wrong reports are produced and actual business damage is looming.


Story sounds familiar? If so, you cannot miss Panaya’s Dreamforce session, No longer a Dilemma: Remove the Risk of Salesforce@Scale.

Myth-busting: No Such Thing as Point and Click Configuration

The promise of easily customizable or no IT needed for setup and management becomes more of a myth with each metadata change. In fact, Forrester mentions in a recent report that “as Salesforce grows, innovation slows and flexibility evaporates…Every app change risks breaking one of the hundreds of data and process customizations, integrations links, and third-party add-ons.” In short, every change to your Salesforce app comes with a risk, “killing the responsiveness that made Salesforce attractive.”

The Good News: Meet Panaya to Get Salesforce Mojo Back

Join our session to learn how an innovative approach to AD&D, Risk analysis and QA, removes complexities and ensures Salesforce projects are delivered with speed and quality.