Back from Dreamforce 2017

by | November 13, 2017

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Back from Dreamforce 2017

Dreamforce, one of the largest software conferences in the world, seems to be getting better every year. Attended by 170,000 (SFDC) users, application developers and partners, Dreamforce 2017 was a bustling hub of innovative spirit. While partners were announcing a multitude of new products, SFDC was showcasing the recent enhancements to its Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and the Salesforce Platform, boasting more modern workflows and architectures.

SFDC’s messages around scaling up resonated loud and clear throughout the conference, which is probably the reason we at Panaya had a such successful event. Even other exhibitors were wowed by our solution as thousands of attendees queued up at our booth to experience our solution demo and attended our Walkme Dreamforce party. Our speaking session on removing the risk of [email protected], was also jam-packed.


Our major announcement at the event was the launch of RDx for – the Enterprise Agile Delivery solution that delivers release-certainty at the click of a button. Panaya RDx for pinpoints areas impacted by change, so you can foresee and resolve potential change delivery risks. It allows you to easily make informed decisions when going into production.


Discussing Enterprise Agile Delivery as the new approach to Application Lifecycle Management resonated well with SFDC admins and executives. The feedbacks and validation we received as to the value of our solution was astounding. We first realized we had hit the nail on the head when we heard SFDC application managers describing their challenge. This, for example, was a common complaint: “Something that used to work for 5 years, suddenly doesn’t work. It’s awful. I hate it. So I go to BPO and they say, it’s not us it is IT, and all the while I can’t register leads.” When speaking to customers about our solution’s Impact Analysis capabilities, it sufficed to say, “you can see the dependencies before they impact” and their eyes immediately widened.


If your organization is constantly adapting and expanding SFDC, you must be feeling the pains of a system that is so highly customized – innovation is stifled. To remove the risk of Salesforce at scale and ensure continued innovation with quality and speed, we invite you to follow up on your learning at Dreamforce with more in-depth information about RDx for – the Enterprise Agile Delivery solution.


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